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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 18, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now." pulling the plug on the republican health care plan. >> after an anxious day on capitol hill, two senators have pulled out of the plan to repeal and replace obamacare. but senate leader mitch mcconnell is vowing that their fight is not over. just being revised. a grieving family searching for answers after a bride to be is shot and killed by police after she called to report a crime. the man who was set to marry her next month is speaking out, asking the authorities why she was shot when she was apparently just trying to get help. and the team of high school scientists from afghanistan taking part in a robotics contest in washington, d.c. these girls overcoming many obstacles.
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the competition. and mama always said no circle pits. don't worry, mom, they're actually not fighting. they're moshing. >> do they still do that? >> apparently, moshing still is a thing on this tuesday, july 18th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i just heard the moms, like no, we all had our mom do that, you can't physically stop us, but she can put her hand up and stop in the name of love. >> that mom might have been stop -- 1970 called, and they want their moshing back. >> i just didn't know that was a thing still. >> i guess it is. we'll delve into it a little later on. but we're going to delve into trumpcare and the breaking news from capitol hill. two republicans delivering what's considered a fatal blow to the latest effort to repeal and replace
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mike lee and jerry moran of kansas say they will not support the health care bill in its current form. that makes a total of four gop no votes, enough to sink the bill before it can get to the senate floor. >> of course that triggered a tweet from the president repeating his call to just repeal obamacare and start over with a clean slate. mitch mcconnell followed up with a statement agreeing to do just that. he said the senate will vote in a the coming days on a straight repeal. >> the revised health care bill was already in limbo after john mccain's surgery. >> mccain released a statement earlier urging both parties to work together on health care. here's abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: senator john mccain's recovering at home in arizona after doctors opened his skull to remove a blood clot. >> we hope john mccain gets better very soon. because we miss him. he's a crusty voice in washington, plus,
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vote. >> reporter: but before leaving washington, mccain himself was on the fence about the health care bill. >> right now we have no consensus. >> reporter: the president has warned republicans to get this done or else. >> i will be very angry about it, and a lot of people will be very upset, but i'm sitting, waiting for that bill to come to my desk. >> reporter: no word yet on when john mccain will be back here on the hill, but his good friend lindsey graham says mccain is already sounding like his old self, but their was a real scare. before the surgery, mccain was feeling really tired and acting forgetful. but now he says he's eager to get back to washington and back to work. mary bruce, capitol hill. >> thank you. president trump is dismissing his son's meeting with the kremlin-connected lawyer as politics, tweeting again that most politicians would have done the same thing to get information on an opponent. but white house press secretary sean spicer issued a denial in
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he appeared to contradict the president's son's e-mails. >> there was nothing that would lead anybody to believe that there was anything except for discussion about the adoption and the magnitsky act, but i would refer you back to counsel on that one. >> one of the president's close allies is now questioning the legality of the meeting. chris christie says it was probably against the law for don jr. to get opposition research for his father's campaign from a foreign country. christie also added that it was inappropriate but added that it's too early to jump to conclusions, pointing out there's no evidence the campaign obtained such research. there are new questions this morning in the shooting of a bride to be by minneapolis police. justine damond called 911 to report a crime and was shot and killed by one of the responding officers who was sitting in the passenger seat of the squad
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damond was unharmed. neither officer's body camera was on. her fiance delivered an emotional statement for reporters. >> piecing together justine's last moments before the homicide would be a small comfort as we grieve this tragedy. she touched so many people. with her loving and generous heart. she was a teacher to so many. and living a life of openness. love and kindness. >> sadly, the two were set to be married in august. and she was already using her fiance's last name. we're going to turn our focus now overseas and to growing political crisis in venezuela. president trump is threatening economic sanctions if venezuela's president proceeds with plans to enhance his powers by rewriting the constitution on sunday. voters overwhelmingly rejected the plan in a
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referendum. nearly 100 people have died in protests against nicolas maduro's government. and britain and the european union are going over the terms of their divorce this week. there are three major issues in the brexit breakup. the rights of citizens. one country who live in another, ireland's border and how much britain owes. there's only 20 months until the split. and there are reports of disagreements within the british cabinet. it's also another critical day in the life of charlie gard. the american doctor offering to treat the 11 month old is in london now examining the critically ill baby boy. his parents are desperate to bring him to the united states for an experimental treatment. james longman has more. >> reporter: charlie's family got the chance they've been fighting for. a team of doctors spent the day at his side to determine if he might benefit from experimental treatment in the united states. his genetic disease has left him unable
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even breathe alone. doctors say he should be allowed to die. a u.s. family whose 6-year-old son suffers from the same condition tell abc why they, too, opposed the medical opinion. >> i had a strong intuition that something was wrong. i was right. >> reporter: these are parents united in a struggle for their children. this is the man charlie's parents are pinning their hopes on. d dr. hurano. he believes there's a 10% chance the 11 month old's muscle strength could improve. it's a battle against medical reason. but it's a battle the courts will have to settle. the team of doctors will send their report to the high court this week for the judge to make his long-awaited decision. james longman, abc news, london. a team of teenage girls from afghanistan will be in action today at an international
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washington, d.c. these are the same girls who only arrived in the u.s. after president trump helped them secure visas. their robot did pretty well, picking up different colored balls, but the girls say they're really just happy to be able to compete. >> find a big chance to show that afghan women -- >> the team built their robot in just two weeks. other teams had up to four months to prepare theirs. the afghans will take part in the competition's second round of matches today. >> they're very excited. quite an honor and quite a feat to come from afghanistan and come here to the u.s. to compete. we'd like to end this segment with a funeral in the outfield. the houston astros laying to rest carlos beltran's glove before yesterday's
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he won a gold glove award but hasn't played the field for the astros in two months. >> hence because he's a designated hitter since may. so the reverend, brian mccann delivered the eulogy. the teammates kneeling out of respect for the mock grave at center field. will beltran actually make a return to the outfield? it's not clear, but his glove is already gone, dearly departed and resting in peace. >> the team manager saying it's no reflection of his talent, bubut the outfielders they currently have are doing such a good job they don't need to change anything. but all the love to beltran. just retiring the glove. >> a two-run homer last night. >> hey, hey. the wrong way driver speeding down the highway. but their time it's a police officer in a patrol car. and could o.j. simpson soon
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why the prosecutor in the robbery case that put him behind bars thinks it's a very real possibility. and be sure to check out our behind the scenes pics on wnn fans. you're watching "world news now."
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drivers in north carolina were startled by a car driving the wrong way at a high speed. it was actually a police car. state police say he was actually responding to complaints of reckless driving on the highway. north of charlotte. the patrol broke up a group of racing their bmws on the highway. the agency is now reviewing that video. >> yikes. don't know how safe that was of the well, in china, stunning images of a crash between a van and a semi on an expressway. this is the moment the truck appears to hit the van. did you see that? and that big e
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the van was loaded with paper and paint. the truck was carrying steel products. amazingly, no one was reportedly hurt. that's a big mess to clean up, though. police are still investigating. i'm glad nobody was hurt. you just wonder how in the world that happened with such a big explosion. here at home we're days away from a high-profile parole hearing in nevada that could turn o.j. simpson into a free man. >> that would be historic. the prosecutor who helped put him behind bars thinks simpson has a good shot at being released. and surprisingly, o.j. has unlikely allies on his side. here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: after nine years in prison, o.j. simpson days away from a decision that could set him free. >> count one, conspiracy to commit a crime. >> reporter: this time he'll have unlikely people in his corner. the victim of simpson's botched 2007 attempt to recover sports memorabilia is reportedly not expected to oppose his release. and th
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secure his sentence of up to 33 years for armed robbery says he expects he'll get parole. >> i've not had any incidence, despite all the stories in the tabloids and everything. >> reporter: the prison says simpson has been a model inmate, but will his acquittal of the murder of nicole simpson and ron goldman hurt his chances with the parole board? >> can they say that i'm not going to let the fact that he's almost certainly not a murderer impact my decision. >> reporter: it's going to be covered by hundreds of journalists and will be streamed live, which means millions are likely to watch it. if o.j. simpson is granted parole, he won't walk free until october. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. did you hear about the cookie caper that almost ruined -- >> that almost ruined the whole thing. apparently, o.j. was the cookie monster and ate a cookie that another inmate brought fro
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not getting that hearing. >> oh, man, that must have been a good cookie. >> allegedly, allegedly. i wonder if it was peanut butter, chocolate chip or -- >> we'll be watching it. 's it's on thursday. >> it's a big deal. it is not 1998 or 2001, but we have another story, the explosive allegation leveled against the singer r. kelly. these are serious charges. the parents of several women reportedly accusing kelly of holding them against their will, as part of a so-called cult. hear what kelly's attorney is now saying. but first, what we're just finding out now about the upcoming avengers movie. the new infinite war. and a brand-new villain played by josh brolin. you're watching "world news now." no matter who was in there last. protection. new lysol power & fresh 6 goes to work flush after flush
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♪ we're in the cantina, just kind of having fun. that was part of the cantina moves. a lot of news came out of disney in anaheim this week. >> and we got a look at what to expect from the last jedi, but here, matt gutman. >> reporter: the next installment of the galaxy far, far away got a lot close arer. this behind the scenes tantalizing the 7,000 here at the d23 expo. >> on tinter hooks now to think about why i'm here! >> reporter: well, yeah. we do know the action will focus on the relationship between luke skywalker and ray. >> between luke and ray, there's a lot to be learned, and he is learning as she
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>> it could have been more welcoming, but it's like the senior citizen coping with uninvited guests. >> reporter: even the cast admits it's on the dark side of the details. is there more in this installment, the upcoming installments than we've seen before? >> you've read the upcoming installment? i haven't. >> it's going to unfold for even me. >> we don't know. >> i sometimes ask. >> but i don't know. >> reporter: one mortal who may know, our own jedi, disney chief, bob iger, sneaking in for that class photo. battling closer to earth, the avengers with a new infinite war and a new villain, vanos. >> it can become psychological and not brute force. >> reporter: interesting. more interesting for adults now. >> your eyes kind of glimmered. >> reporter: and even he can have
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saved by a huge constellation of stars. >> he is really, really, really fun to work with. and it's -- >> likewise. >> reporter: it was so packed with stars, some even crashed each other's interviews. >> there's nothing good in there. >> springtime. >> reporter: with her own immortal status, whoopee goldberg. she already has an emmy, an oscar and a tony. >> their is is a big deal to me. kids who had really rough childhoods, they could always have a disney movie. >> reporter: i admit i couldn't leave the expo without a little swag in my bag, joining the minions in line. anaheim, california. >> he looks quite at home. been working hard, too. he's got a lot of stories to offer us. >> that's not the theme for the next thing that i'm excited about. that came out of that convention. >> what, kendis, what? >> they named who will be
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>> in the live action. >> in the live action remake. a guy named mena massoud. >> and a power ranger is playing jasmine, which some are hating on, but it could work. ♪ ♪go
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duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. ♪ we're back with your tuesday mix, and want to show you something that is kind of freakishly fast. >> i wish i could do it. >> this australian here, his name is felix zendik. he's well-known for his work with the rubiks cube, but at the world championship, he caught a new world best. one minute and 20 seconds for the six by six by six by six cube. he's not the fastest with the three by three by three cube, but wow, isn't that amazing? >> i can't make any of them match. >> for the seven by seven by seven by seven cube, he
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in two minutes, six seconds. >> okay. enough of the details. >> he's good. he's very, very good. >> moshing. it's still cool. watch this video. it was at a concert. mama said no more moshing. mama said don't knock yourself out. so she tries to step in and stop the moshing. here's my theory. i think she was part of this blast mosh mode. flash mosh pit? >> yeah. >> i think she was actually part of the gig. that's my theory. i just came up with it. >> is that really is a mom? what is she doing there at a festival? >> now. >> where there is a mosh bra breakout. >> i think she's part of the stunt. >> the kids are following the words of l.l. cool j, say knock you out. >> mama say don't knock you out. >> didn't quite work out. we'll show you a kid who's probably not going to
3:27 am
tour de france. this 2-year-old, sven in a bike race, dutch championship walking bike race. >> look at him go. >> he's leading in first place, and he's like, you know what? forget about this. >> how old is he? >> he's 2 years old. he turns around. there you can see some adults later on in the video who can be seen like trying to, no, get him to go back and finish. cross the finish line. he's that close, and then no! >> i think he touched, i say he wins. >> no, greg lamoan, he is not. picking up his feet. >> wait, before we go, we have to show one more piece of video. i don't like to laugh at people who fall down. i think it's mean, but when you try to like photo bomb somebody, don't do it like that. don't do it like that. >> come on, adrian, you know you want to laugh. >> i just think ouch,
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>> no husbands were injured. >> this is a fitness coach, carly set up her phone to
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this morning on "world news now." the president forced to change his health care slogan, after losing the support needed to even vote on the bill, republicans are looking to just repeal obamacare and replace it later. and the minneapolis police department determining why two of its officers' body cameras were not turned on when a woman who called to report a crime was shot and killed. her family grief stricken a month before her wedding. a wild encounter while walking the dog. >> a man and his german shepard attacked by a bobcat. a neighbor runs in to help only to get bitten by the animal. and what's being called the most ien


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